Media Network


JRiver Media Center can take advantage of your LAN and Internet connections, so you can enjoy your media wherever you are. The set of features that deliver this is called Media Network.

1Easy Access  Play your media anywhere
1Friendly  Works with thousands of devices


Media Center includes several software servers that can share your media between PC's. You can rip and organize on one machine, and play on many others. You can use MC's zones to serve media to several clients, even playing different media at the same time.


Media Center will work with thousands of TV's, Blu-ray players, receivers, and other devices which support the DLNA protocol. You can also use a PS3 or an Xbox 360.


Remote control is easy. Media Center supports any remote with a Green Button, and most other remotes can be programmed to work. JRiver sells a Media Center Remote that is certain to work straight out of the box.

Media Center's Gizmo allows you to use an Android phone or tablet as a remote or to stream your home library when you're away. iPhones and iPads can use MC's WebRemote, a browser based solution.


Media Center can automatically convert audio and video streams for client playback when your connection isn't fast enough to play unconverted media.

Getting Started

Setup is simple. Just use Media Center on your server to generate a six character access key. Then enter that key on any client you want to use. A test mode can use JRiver's servers to test whether access from outside your network will work.

Whole House Media

JRiver Media Center is a complete media solution, with all the network features you need. You can read more about it on the Media Network board on Interact.


"Love Love Love the Android development! Really can't wait until I can ditch my PDAs for a couple of Android Tablets running Gizmo 2 (or 3 or 4). Awesome work guys. You sure make easy work of the decision of whether or not to purchase an upgrade when those times come around. Of all the software I've bought over the years my JRiver purchase has been the most consistently satisfying!"
-- WinoOutWest