Purchase and License

This page explains how to purchase a new license, and how to restore a license previously purchased.

Download First

You can download MC from the Download Page. A newer but possibly less stable version may also be found on our forum, Interact.  Other sites may not be safe.

Old versions can be found on our Wiki. You can re-license your old version on our Restore Page, or change your e-mail address, or ask our system to e-mail your licenses to you. You can also upgrade from an older version. Be sure that the version of MC matches the license.

Download and install the trial version for any OS first.

Ready to Buy?

JRiver Media Center licenses available:

Purchase Master License  $89.98 (recommended, since it is valid for Windows, Mac, and Linux)  Purchase from the Help Menu of the latest version.

If you previously purchased MC for Mac or Windows, and it is installed and licensed, you will see a reduced price when you purchase a Master License.

Purchase Windows only for $69.98  (Works only for Windows)

Purchase Mac only for $69.98   (only for Mac)

Purchase Linux only for $69.98   (only for Linux)

A Master License is valid for a single major version for all available Operating Systems. It will work with the most recent updates of JRiver Media Center on Windows, OSX, and Linux.

Restoring a License

If you have previously purchased and need to restore your license, please download the correct version and install it first (see above).  Then visit the Restore Page.

 More information on Restoring a License.

More about the License

When you purchase, you receive a permanent Registration Code.  This is a proof of purchase that can be used at any time to acquire a new Install Key by visiting the Restore page. 

The Install Key must be used within 14 days of its generation, but as long as you have the permanent Registration Code, you can always get a new Install Key by visiting the Restore Page (more below).

The Restore Page is available at https://rover.jriver.com/cgi-bin/restore.cgi .  If you have preserved your Registration Code you can restore your license indefinitely. You can also recover if you have your orginal e-mail (from buy-button) and password.  No other replacement license is available.


Q: My license is installed but the program is still in trial mode.
A: Verify that your program version and OS match the license. Old versions are available for download.

Q: How can I tell if I am licensed?
A: In the program, choose Help and then Registration Info.

Q: Can I save the Install Key instead of installing it directly?
A: Yes. You can right click on the link following purchase, then choose "save as" instead of clicking on it. Then, in Windows Explorer, just double click on the file to install it.

Q: I bought with Paypal, but the program still isn't licensed.
A: Please see this page.

Q: I don't use Internet Explorer and clicking on the link doesn't work.
A: Save the Install Key as a file and double click it (see the previous question).

Q: I was charged multiple times.
A: Please e-mail music at jriver with copies of the receipts if you have this problem. Backing through the purchase page is the normal cause.

Q: My browser crashed before the purchase was complete, or before the Install Key was downloaded.
A: Using the Registration Code from the e-mail receipt (from buy-button at jriver), go to the Restore Page and generate a new Install Key.

Q: I lost my Install Key.
A: Using the Registration Code from the e-mail receipt (from buy-button at jriver), go to the Restore Page and generate a new Install Key.  Make sure you have installed the correct version of the program.

Q: I lost the Install Key and the Registration Code.
A: Visit the Restore Page, enter the e-mail address your receipt was sent to, and you will receive the Registration Code by e-mail.

Q: I lost everything, and I no longer have the same e-mail address I used to purchase.
A: Visit the Restore Page, enter the password you chose at purchase time, the original e-mail address where your receipt was sent, and a new e-mail address. The Registration Code will be sent to the new address.

Q: How many restores do I have left?
A: Go to the restore page and click on the 'e-mail' button to receive a list of your Registration Codes by e-mail. This e-mail also tells how many restores are available.  You have ten free restores each year and there is no limit on the number of years.

Q: When is a restore used? 
A: A restore is only used when you enter your Registration Code on the restore page. Entering your email address does not use a restore. Using your Install Key does not use a restore.

Q: I purchased a month ago, but when I try to reinstall, it doesn’t work.
A: Each Install Key can be used for a limited time.  You can get a new Install Key, free of charge, by visiting the Restore Page .  Double check your system date.

Q: Can I install on more than one computer?
A: Yes, if it is the same operating system or if you have a Master License that works with all three operating systems.  During the two-week period after you have purchased or restored, you can use the Install Key you received to activate the program on your other computers.  You may use a single license for all your computers, within reason. 

Q: How secure is this process?
A: The connection between your browser and our web server is protected with SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

Q: What will happen if I share my keys with others?
A: Posting an Install Key or Registration Code on a forum or in any public place on the Internet will result in cancellation of the account. The Install Key contains personal details from the purchase. These details are encrypted, but the encryption could be broken.

Q: I need to restore my license or I lost my license.
A: Version 8 and above work with a license called a Registration Code. This is a 30 character string and you will have received it in e-mail (from buy-button at jriver) together with instructions on how to use it.  It can be used to generate a new Install Key up to 10 times in each twelve month period, beginning on the date of initial purchase.  Each new Install Key is good for two weeks.

Prices are subject to change without notice.