The J. River Id -- Music in Any Room

Inexpensive DLNA Hardware


Minneapolis (January 11, 2011):

J. River, publisher of one of the leading software media players, and a competitor of iTunes and Windows Media Player, has entered the hardware business. For under $100, J. River now offers the Id, a small DLNA compatible music player that wirelessly connects a PC to an amplifier or powered speakers.

J. River also offers Gizmo, an Android application that can act as a remote control for this setup. You can use your phone to select any music from your PC and play it to the Id. It's an ideal solution for adding music in another location. Gizmo requires J. River Media Center ($49.98).

These components are part of J. River's new Media Network architecture, a set of features and programs that allow sharing of media in a home or between home and office. Media Network includes remote control solutions for the iPad, Touch, and iPhone, and full DLNA support that works with many newer TV's and Blu-ray players.

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