A New Category of Media Software?

J. River Releases Media Center 13 (A Media OS?)


Minneapolis (February 4, 2009):

J. River has released its latest all-in-one media manager/player, ripper, burner, server, sync-toy, etc. "The hard part for download sites is that there is no software category big enough to fit MC.", says Jim Hillegass, CEO.

MC has a consistent interface and the power to manage several million audio, video, image, and document files, along with podcasts and web media. It uses J. River's skinning engine so it can morph its appearance. It can sync files to an iPod, but it can also sync to a RAZR, an Android, a PSP, or hundreds of other handhelds. It can serve files to a TiVo, but it can also serve another PC, or most DLNA or UPnP devices, even a PS3.

The latest version completes J. River's TV support, so HD recording, using an EPG, is possible from a USB stick. Pause, rewind, fast forward, jump.

The player has services and links to Amazon MP3, Audible, Youtube, Google, Wikipedia, and content from MediaNet. It integrates flawlessly with Last.FM, Flickr, and Facebook.

A slick Ten Foot mode and programmable remote control support the couch potato in all of us. Play DVD, video, live or recorded TV, read the news, jump to a program by filetype, or surf in comfort and style with a five button remote.

Audiophile features include ASIO, WASAPI, a range of lossless options. Multizone playback can handle several sessions of different media simultaneously.

MC is perhaps more a Media OS rather than a media player. There are API's, database queries, smartlists, expressions, custom plug-ins, and a cast of supporting servers for metadata, cover art, e-commerce, and account management.

"Wherever our customers go, we follow," says Matt Ashland, CTO. "On our forum, they push us hard all the time, so we're constantly adding support for the things they're doing."

Or as one user put it, "It's a unique development model. New incremental features added daily, many in response to user community suggestions, and all immediately tested by a dedicated group of volunteer beta testers. Turn around time from idea to general release is often just a week." Or as still another put it, "It just blows away iTunes and WMP".

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