J. River Media Center Extends Playback 

Audible content on TiVo and other network devices


Minneapolis, MN (June 24, 2008): J. River, the leading independent media software publisher, today announced several new ways to enjoy Content from Audible, the internet's leading provider of digital spoken audio, can now be played on the TiVo family of digital media recorders, and on UPnP compatible devices from a wide number of manufacturers such as Linksys, Roku, Philips, and D-Link. The J. River Media Center software converts as required.
Spoken word content from Audible can be acquired through J. River Media Center, and streamed to the devices. In addition, the player can sync Audible content to iPods, cell phones, and over 500 portable devices, and also offers RSS feeds from Audible as podcasts.

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