MusicGiants and J. River Connect Their Networks to Deliver High Definition Media

High quality digital media distribution meets state-of-the-art media player, extending the strategic reach of two well known digital media companies


Minneapolis, MN (June 10, 2008): MusicGiants, the leading distributor of HD entertainment, and J. River, the leading independent provider of media player software, have partnered to deliver their products to a worldwide network of independent digital service providers.  The two companies are combining technology to provide compelling solutions for the next stage of digital media delivery.

Jim Hillegass, CEO of J. River, said, "We believe that a strong, open, and independent network of digital media companies will be a welcome alternative to proprietary solutions from Apple and Microsoft."

The first implementation of this new approach is a new player and service, using the MediaNet music subscription service to provide non-stop, unlimited playback of WMA content streams, with a built-in option to purchase a hi-def download from the MusicGiants' store or a CD.

"By including our HD Media Store inside the J. River player, millions of digital media customers will have the opportunity to purchase music that sounds exactly the way the artists intended it to be heard - in full resolution," says Scott Bahneman, CEO of MusicGiants.

About J. River
J. River builds digital delivery solutions for corporate partners. This includes streaming, downloading, subscriptions of audio and video content, handheld device support and DRM. For more information about J. River's media products, visit

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About MusicGiants
MusicGiants delivers high definition entertainment from all of the giants of the industry. Our HD Media Store is integrated into several of the top media servers for convenient delivery of premium HD content. MusicGiants is the perfect companion for home audio systems and anywhere else that sound quality matters. For more information on MusicGiants, visit
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