Seattle and Cupertino Have Media Player Competition from Minneapolis


Minneapolis, MN (February 21, 2008): J. River technology is behind yet another multiple launch of branded digital media stores, extending the company’s position as the dominant independent media player. New stores include TDS Telecom, Charter Media, and HickoryTech.

J. River already provides players for Televisa, Time Warner and over a dozen others. Collectively, these companies have more than 50 million paid customers, who are outside the Microsoft and Apple camps, and ready to buy digital content by download or subscription service.

“We have helped more companies build their digital offering than any other player software company,” said Jim Hillegass, J. River's CEO. “There is a growing trend for major companies to engage the clout of their own brands to deliver leading edge digital music, movie, and TV services.”

J. River has succeeded in giving these corporations the tools to build an interactive, sticky channel to their customers. Not only do they deliver the latest digital store technology, they supply the most open and comprehensive device integration, giving the customer choice in their use of devices ranging from iPods and  PlaysForSure devices, to cell phones and media receivers.

J. River is the premier B2B provider of branded media players to the industry with more than twenty branded media players delivered.

J. River’s complete list of partners:

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