J. River Fires iArrow at Apple


Minneapolis, MN (September 17, 2007): Thanks to Linux developers, Apple's latest iPods are no longer locked to iTunes, and U.S. software developer, J. River, has today released a beta version of J. River Media Center which can once again sync audio, video, and images to Apple's devices.

At 5:00 PM CDT this afternoon, J. River released a beta version of J. River Media Center that supports the new iPod Classic as effectively as previous versions have supported fifth generation iPods and earlier. If the beta holds up overnight, J. River will release a version to the public in the morning, solving a problem that Apple recently created for millions of users.

J. River hopes that Apple may have learned that its many mutual users will not accept a closed system. If, in the future, Apple chooses methods such as encrypting the iPod database, closer government scrutiny could result in Apple joining Microsoft as an industry leading monopoly.

Copies of the Windows beta are available to the press on request.  New iPod owners can help by posting a description of their device and its serial number on J. River's forum at .

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