J. River Fills Gaps in Microsoft Device and Service Integration


Minneapolis, MN (July 19, 2005): J. River MEDIA CENTER 11 software was released today with support for devices not supported by Microsoft (TiVo®, iPod®, PSP), and a highly customizable interface for hosting digital download, subscription and streaming services. MC 11 is used for managing and enjoying digital music, photo and video files on a PC, and can playback or download to many devices.

In its support for connected media devices, J. River rivals Microsoft. The device list includes most portable media devices, notebook PC's, cameras, scanners, PDA's, TV tuner cards, and remote controls, with phones planned for 2006. MEDIA CENTER’s major consumer benefit is a common interface for all devices, and the company's goal is to provide its customers with any media, anytime, anywhere.

MC 11 adds file transfer for the new Sony PlayStation® Portable (PSP), High Definition for TV using the ATI HDTV WONDER card, and support for UPnP devices (aka media streamers or media servers). iPod connectivity has been enhanced with multiple device support, auto-connect, and auto-synch. For many devices MC enables on-the-fly transcoding of file formats, to allow transfer and playback of formats without the need to store multiple formats of the same file on the PC.

The release is welcome news for the large MC community that has helped shape the app. MC is the most feature-rich software of its kind, allowing everything from simple music organization and playback to complete home theater control. With this release, J. River has also tightened its focus on the business-to-business market, powering a variety of digital audio and video services and online CD stores. The new release also includes support for the popular Audible® service.

“J. River offers unique opportunities to corporations wishing to play in the digital media space,” said Jim Hillegass, CEO. “Microsoft is a walled garden when it comes to media. They don't offer all of the device support that users are currently demanding. However, J. River is reacting to customer needs and offers specific support for the iPod, the TiVo, serving to standard UPnP devices, and the new PSP. In turn, content owners, retailers, and portals can benefit from our compelling customized solutions. We use the latest industry standards to enable complete services, including DRM, reliable digital delivery, and content hosting.”

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All Media—One Interface. This comprehensive media management software turns a PC into the center of a complete digital entertainment experience. It connects PC to stereo, TV, remote control devices, digital cameras, UPnP devices and portable MP3 players. It plays all media, rips, burns and organizes a digital media collection. MC encodes and plays all popular media formats. It plays Web radio/TV/DVD on your PC. Powerful utilities include Media Server for streaming music and images to remote PC's. MC has more advanced features than any other application for personalization and control of a media collection.

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