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MP3 Player? No problem!


MJ syncs to phones

   More features, more power, easier to use, and now FREE.
   The new MEDIA JUKEBOX 14


Best file organization of any digital music jukebox
Connect your Android or PlaysForSure device
Play all popular music files, and audio podcasts
Rip, Burn and Encode to multiple formats
Create custom Playlists and Smartlists
Extensive Tagging capabilities
Automatic CD, Album art and Track look-up
Built-in music services, including the new Amazon MP3 store
Full speed Ripping and Burning
Powerful EQ, DSP and audio effects
Print custom CD labels and covers
The best digital music jukebox you will ever use, and now totally FREE!
 Collect, organize and play. It's that simple.

Organize your Music
 Create custom views, add custom fields, and manage huge collections.
CD and Track Lookup
 J. River's YADB database is a trouble-free and accurate database for CD titles and tracks.
Mobilize your tunes
 MJ supports more devices than any other application. Synch with your iPod, handheld, or phone.
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