Customized Software Solutions

JRiver has the technology, tools, and expertise to provide a customized digital entertainment experience. This can include integrated music or movie services, custom skins and UI, complete device integration, and features tailored for your company's specific requirements.

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Branded music or movie service

Leading companies wishing to enter the growing digital entertainment space can build around their own brand.

Branded player

JRiver can customize Media Center with your company's brand and look & feel, to deliver music and other media services to your customers. This is a unique way to offer your products and services, and strengthen your brand. JRiver provides  a complete end-to-end solution through partnerships with key content, licensing and technology companies. We are unmatched in our ability to provide flexibility and customization, and to bring a system to market rapidly.

Best technology

JRiver supports existing and emerging technology standards, including Digital Rights Management (WM DRM and other), encoding, licensing, and digital delivery systems.

Customization adds your "look and feel"

Changes can include a fully customized skin in your colors with your logo and other branding elements, uniquely modified feature sets, and a dynamic web interface that enables you to communicate with customers at your discretion in a friendly way.

A branded Media Center will help:
  1. Promote products and services
  2. Strengthen your brand
  3. Create a “sticky” interactive channel to your customer
  4. Give you a leading presence in the exciting new digital music marketplace

Customized demo

Please contact us now to find out how to get a fully skinned demo version for your company.

Contact: jimh @  (612) 677 8200 x 203