JRiver Id -- Moving Your Media

Capable and Versatile

You can use an Id as a stand-alone media computer, or as a basic HTPC, and control it with a phone.  You can play to it as a DLNA Renderer, or from it as a DLNA Server.  It can be a Backup Server.  It's small (about 4" wide) and low power (about 10 watts) so you can run it 24/7.  It has the audio features of JRiver Media Center.  The Id 300 and above also play video.  It works with JRiver's Media Network.

Available Several Ways

Each choice below includes the Linux OS, JRiver Media Center for Linux, the Id firmware, and the license for MC.

  Id 300 $315   Intel NUC7, 4GB RAM, 240GB SSD.  More Details
  Id 302 $395   NUC 7, 4GB RAM, 2TB spinning drive 
SanDisk 16GB Micro SDHC Memory Card    IdPi $39
  The Id software, including JRiver Media Center, Raspbian Linux, and Engen, on a 32GB microSD card.  Ready to insert in your Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. Only the micro SD card is included. Requires a case and power supply. Makes a good player for audio when used as a DLNA Renderer. No video.  Other models
  IdPi $155
(fully baked)
  Raspberry Pi 4 Model B with Id installed. Includes a case and power supply. Makes a good player for audio when used as a DLNA Renderer. No video.  No storage.
All Id devices require a receiver, TV, or DAC for audio output.  A USB mouse and keyboard may also be needed.

Which One Fits?

Model Storage Available CD's Ripped to Lossless
Id 300 200GB 500
302 2 TB 5000
IdPi mSD None 0


Order Now

Paypal -- You can order by contacting sales at jriver d o t c o m.  If you tell us your Paypal address, we will send you a Paypal invoice for your approval.  When you pay the invoice, we will ship the device.

Credit Card -- Please call 612 677 8200 and ask for Id Sales.   We're in the U.S. Central Time Zone.

Shipping will add approximately 10% to U.S. orders and 20% to those shipped outside the United States.

When we receive your order, we'll advise on delivery.  Normally it ships within 1 or 2 days.

Returns are accepted for 30 days from shipment date, and are subject to a 20% restocking charge.  All products have a one year warranty.  Prices are subject to change without notice.  The shipment may be subject to import duties in your country.


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