JRiver at 30

In October this year, JRiver turned 30. I started it in 1981, as my wood stove business at 115 N First Street was dying out.

We did accounting software until 1987, when we switched to DOS to UNIX connectivity. We still publish ICE.TEN and ICE.TCP for terminal emulation on Windows.

In 1998, we began doing a music player called Media Jukebox, just as MP3 started to be popular. We're now in version 17 of its successor, called JRiver Media Center.

We've been located on this street since the beginning.  First at 115, then 125, then 211 for 6 or 7 years, and now back at 125. We have 3 more people in Phoenix who build servers, and 1 more developer in Chicago.

I'm very proud of the people and our products. It's a great team to work with. It's fun to come to work.

Jim Hillegass, jriver.com

Front window, Matt, John, Jim, Bob, Yaobing, Deanna, Nyima, Mary, Steve, Brian

Pictures of the team